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1982:     Year of foundation. In December, Hans Schopf, Josef Schmalzbauer and Hans Stockinger decided to
             establish a cable producing company.
1983:     Start of construction of hall 1. At the end of the year move in and begin of production.
1985:     Extension of hall 1.
1987:     Start of construction of hall 2.
1989:     Extension of hall 2 to the height of hall 1.
1991:     Building of a warehouse and a garage.
1996:     Completion of hall 3. The production and administration area of currently 3900 m² is achieved.
1996:     elumeg is now a registered trademark.
2000:     Adoption of company founder Hans Schopf into retirement.
2001:     Extension of the varnishing department.
2002:     Installation of an extraction plant.
2006:     Receipt of the UL-certification for our special motor-lead-wire “155-U-UL”.
2006:     Adoption of company founder Josef Schmalzbauer into retirement.
2008:     Establishment of a thermal afterburning plant for solvents.
2011:     Adoption of company founder Hans Stockinger into retirement.
2012:     Modernisation of the jacket extrusion plant.