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Due to the combination of plastic insulated cables with an outer textile braid, it is possible for us to produce so-called "lamp connection cables", often referred to as "fabric cables". For better roundness contributes to an additional plastic coating over the core stranding or below the textile. For the outer textile braid a variety of different colors are available, which also can be combined.

An advancement of the lamp cables is the coating of the outer textile braid with a wafer-thin layer of varnish. This means a considerably easier further processing (time saving), the structure of the outer braid remains virtually unaffected.

This type of cable is used in lamp wiring (as a two- or three-wire cable), in the restoration of older devices or in audio technology. There is a wide range of applications, when the textile braid should visually appreciate existing cables. Even in automotive industry find these lines as single core version application. In this case a special thin layer of varnish is applied to the outer textile braid. That cables (called "FLKL") are characterized by a very high robustness, oil resistance and mechanical strength.

Both the lamp and speaker cables and the vehicle lines "FLKL" we produce in cross sections of 0.50 mm² up to 6.0 mm². This results in a maximum outer diameter of up to 14 mm, but this is customer-specific.